Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Fan
Instead of taking his usual nap today, Mason entertained himself in his room. So after a couple of hours, I went in, and when I did I had an idea. He and I gathered up all his Cars stuff, I grabbed the camera, and my new "natural" studio light. It was time to test it out, and hopefully get a great shot of Masons first favorite movie/toys... Now that I think about it there was still more Cars things I could have put in there! Rather crazy that they make so much of this stuff isn't it? All in all, I think it will be great to look back on, when he gets older!
I am so proud of this little boy. I have been taking him to the babysitting at the gym off and on since he was six months. He has never been a fan. Well, knock on wood, the last 2 days he has went in without tears or a bottle! I am just so proud of him, yet so sad that he is growing so independent. He continues to amaze me daily with his speech, humor, and wit.


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